How to Optimize YouTube Videos For Best Results

Published: 20th March 2009
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You will find many subscribers on Youtube that post videos of all sorts on their site. The difference between one that is rated highly and viewed often, and one that people skip over is how high of quality the picture is. People like to view clear precise videos, especially when looking to become a potential customer. Grainy and hard to depict videos tend to lose the interest of the viewer, and hence; make you lose a potential customer. These suggestion or tips below may help you clear up your grainy video problems or questions you have on how to optimize Youtube videos.

1. In the original shooting of your video, be sure whoever is filming has a steady hand. A tri-pod would solve any wavering or sudden camera movements. Your camera should also be set to film in .avi or .mpg format. You won't achieve the quality film you want if your camera is set in any other function.

2. Download your film to your computer. This is where you are going to preview it's quality. If the picture's clarity is less than desirable, you're going to want to edit it right here and now. You'll need to use a video editing program that allows you to change colors, sounds, brightness, and all other editing features.

3. Save the final edited film in one of three ways: .avi, .mov, and mpg format. This is the best way on how to optimize Youtube videos. Youtube suggests you save it in .mov format for Quicktime programs they use to run videos on your site. To really optimize Youtube videos, save it in MPEG4 (Divx or Xvid), 640x480 resolution with MP3 audio.

4. After you've uploaded it to your Youtube site, you want to attach some tags to make it more recognizable by search engines. There are additional ways on how to optimize Youtube videos, but this is just the beginning step to draw traffic in by presenting a video with fantastic clarity.

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